Want to download your torrents through FreeDownloadManager (FDM)?

Its not the only option to download the torrents only through the bittorrent client or the utorrent client well inorder to download the same torrents in the free download manager configuring of your FDM needs to be done.just download the software for the FDM by visiting the the site www.freedownloadmanager.organd then after retrieving the file install it and open it.

the home screen of the software looks like this


now inorder to confugure the settings of the free download manager just click the option tab and then select the settings and it will show you the windows like below

now select the bittorrent from the left side downlad tree and then make sure that the ‘enable bittorrent protocol support’is clicked and the ‘associate free download manage with .torrents files’ are clicked and enabled and then click ok and then continue to the further steps

now click the  torrent tab which is visible very clearly and then right click and then add the the  torrent file from your local harddisk or it can also provide you the option to upload it from the network or the web

and then the download will begin automatically with quiet increase in download speed when compared with the bittorret download speed.

what to do if you are using the chrome browser

well open the option menu and click the setting tab and then choose the monitoring option then make sure that you selected the ‘add selected to the browser context menu and the checkbox for the google chrome is clicked and checked the remaining step follows the above steps


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